China HK VC Platform Limited


China HK VC Platform
We provide innovative technology industry in Shenzhen and Hong Kong with (1) Investment & Financing Service, and (2) Project Arranging Service to promote ventures, technology development, and cooperation in these areas. 

We, based in Shenzhen HiTech Industrial Park and Hong Kong provide domestic / cross-border matching and resources to assist  institutional or professional investors and technology firms to invest in the non-listed technology firms or projects in China and Hong Kong. We also provide project arranging service (including incubation, commercilization, China-HK cooperation, project cooperation, M&A, etc.). 

2014 Apr  Co-organizing cross-border matching activities with Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park (SHIP), HK Science and Technology Park, etc., to promote China-HK technology financing, cooperation and technology development
2013 Apr  Founded in Hong Kong and extending “Club of Innovations and Capitals" from Shenzhen to Hong Kong
2009 Feb SHIP VC Platform launched “Club of Innovations and Capitals" and has been operating it with Tmfox Venture Partners. It has helped numerous SMEs secure financing and government funds.
2007 Oct  SHIP established SHIP VC Platform under government "Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovations Committee"

Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park VC Platform (SHIP VC Platform), Nanshan District, Shenzhen


A cross-border technology investment bank platform
Integrating capital, technology and resources

We, based on the successful experience, offer matching and resources, promoting technology venture financing, and project development

Technology Areas
● Environment Industry  (green technology, new material, new energy, green building, etc.) 
● Information technology, communication
● Electronics,  integration of light, mechanical and electric
● Bio-medical, medical
● Innovative industries
● Others

● Provide comprehensive cross-border platform
● Assist technology enterprises and investors in securing capital, projects, technologies, and partners effectively
● Offer professional consultation services
● Promote venture capital investment, technology development, cross-border cooperation, and the related events